CPP30321 Certificate III in Cleaning Operations

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CPP30321 Certificate III in Cleaning Operations

The nationally recognised CPP30321 Certificate III in Cleaning Operations will introduce you to the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the competitive cleaning industry.  

You’ll learn how to manage work priorities, use and maintain cleaning chemicals and equipment safely by task type, and to deliver effective customer service. Focus is on the latest cleaning techniques, chemical safety and industrial equipment for commercial, domestic and specialty cleaners. 

Learning pathway

We have put together an awesome learning pathway to prepare you for a successful career in cleaning operations. Together with creative and easy to use worksheets, you’ll be immersed into a variety of simulated environments and navigate through activities designed to get you practicing on-the-job performance and behaviour.

Units are grouped into logical batches to ensure you get the most out of the course.

Semester 1
Preparing yourself for work
Organise personal work priorities
Work effectively in business environments
Developing teamwork skills
Work with diverse people 

Work in a team

Managing customer service

Deliver and monitor a service to others

Process customer complaints

Semester 2
Cleaning specialist areas using safe work practices
Contribute to health and safety of self and others 

Cluster: CPPCLO3105 | CPPCLO3111 | CPPCLO3113 | CPPCLO3104 | CPPCLO3107
Clean glass surfaces | Clean rooms, furniture and fittings | Clean food-handling areas and equipment | Clean high touch surfaces | Clean external surfaces 
Maintaining and using facilities and equipment
Maintain cleaning storage areas

Apply infection prevention and control procedures to own work activities 



  • 100% online customised learning experience.
  • Our short, well structured lessons are beautifully and visually presented, making them easy to follow and understand. They include useful job aids and videos that help explain concepts.
  •  All course resources are designed for you to access on the go. That means if you’re out and about, on the train or bus, at the park or beach, you can access course materials on your tablet or smartphone.
  • But that’s not all! To give you a competitive edge, you’ll have access to job-readiness short courses which will build and enhance the skills necessary to work in a variety of roles.


  • Enrolment valid for 12 months.

Equipment and resources

You’ll need access to the following equipment to complete this course 

  • Computer with Internet access, and a print (or access to a printer). 
  • Device with in-built camera, for example a Smartphone. 
  • Software packages, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint (or similar). 
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader. 
  • Access to 2 worksites for cleaning operations – this can be your place of residence and a friend or family members home or workplace. 
  • Cleaning products, equipment and consumables*; including (but not limited to): 
    • Chemicals: for example, bleach, all-purpose cleaner, window and carpet cleaners 
    • Equipment: for example, cloths, brushes and vacuum cleaning equipment 
    • Consumables: personal protective equipment, hand towels, bin bags and soaps 

*For a detailed list, contact your Employment Consultant. 

Why study with us?

  • Engaging and immersive learning experience.
  • Dedicated and passionate student mentor team.
  • Our fully integrated learning management system helps you keep track of where you’re at and enables us to identify if you need additional support.


The successful achievement of this Qualification requires you to complete all units and assessments. A Certificate of Competency will be issued once all completed units and assessments have been marked and have met all assessment requirements.

Skilled cleaners are in demand. Some roles this course will prepare you for include:

  • Residential cleaner 
  • Commercial cleaner 
  • Room service attendant 
  • Hospitality cleaner 
  • Health care cleaner 
  • Cleaning contractor 
  • Cleaning supervisor 
  • Small business owner