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Tour of eCampus (Online Learning Portal)

Watch the below video to learn about your online course.
How do I skip to different sections in the video?
How do I access Close Captions on the video?
Who is my EC?
How do I enroll into an MCI Achieve course?
Can I use my phone or tablet to study?
Who can help me choose a suitable course?
I have never studied a qualification before; will I still be able to do the course?
Does this course guarantee me a job?
What equipment and resources do I need to complete my course?
I have completed other similar courses. Will I be eligible for any Credit Transfers?
Is this course compliant with Work for the Dole (WFD)?
What do I need to do if I would like to suspend or withdraw my enrollment?
How do I log into my course?
My login isn’t working, what should I do?
How do I reset my password if I forget it?
What is the URL I should use to log into my course?
How do I logout of my course?
How can I request help while I’m logged into my course?
Where can I get help if I am struggling to answer assessment questions?

How your course works

How is the course delivered?
How do I use the online learning portal (eCampus)?
Where can I find the student handbook?
How is my course structured?
How long is my enrolment valid for?
What happens after I complete Semester 1?
What happens if I don’t finish the entire course?
What happens when I finish the course?
How will I receive my certificate?

Study requirements

I am a full-time student, how many hours of study do I need to complete each week?
I am a part-time student, how many hours of study do I need to complete each week?
I have finished my lesson/s and hours for the week. Why can’t I see the next lesson?
I am a DES student, how do I progress from lesson to lesson?

Seeing course, semester, lesson and weekly progress

There is a course progress bar on my Dashboard. What is it telling me?
Where can I see my weekly progress for mandatory study?
Where can I see my semester progress up to the current week?
Can I use the progress bars to click through to mandatory items?

Learning about lesson topics

What is Learning Material?
How does a Learning Activity work?

Answering assignment questions

Can I use internet content to help me complete my assignments?
What different types of assessment questions are there?
Do I need to complete the simulation roleplay questions as I am struggling to find someone to help me with the task?
What if my computer doesn’t have webcam functionality?
How do I email a file from my phone to my computer?
How do I add a file to my answer?
Why can’t I find the exact answer to a question in the learning material?

Gaining “Satisfactory” grades for assessment questions

When is my work submitted for assessment?
What happens when I submit an assessment?
How do I know if I passed or failed?
How many attempts do I get when I receive a “Not Yet satisfactory” result?

Viewing grades

Where can I find a summary of my grades?
What does “Not yet satisfactory” mean and what should I do?
Can I click through to a “Not yet satisfactory” question from the “User report” to update my answer and resubmit it?
When do I gain a “Competency” rating for an entire unit?
What do I need to do to gain my qualification?

Technical issues

How do I fix issues with my browser?
When I click on the “Micro”, it doesn’t fit nicely. How do I make it fit nicely?
What should I do if I get an error 404 (broken link) or firewall message when I try and access a link in the Resources or Learning Activity items?

Studying on your mobile device

Can I complete my course on my mobile device (smartphone or tablet)?
What browser should I use when completing the course on my mobile device?
How do I log in using the Google Chrome app?
How do I navigate around learning material?
I am having difficulty when scrolling around learning items on my iPhone – I can’t see the bottom section that has the links. What can I do about it?
How do I answer and submit a question on my mobile device?
How do I add an image, document, video or audio file to my answer on my mobile device?