On this FAQs page you will find many helpful tips to help you navigate your learning journey with student portal training videos and how to seek help if you cannot find the answer here.


How long will my student have to complete their course?

Enrolments are valid for up to 12 months.

How long after enrolment are logins sent ?

Login details are sent to students immediately after we receive the enrolment.

If logins are not received within 15 minutes please call us on 1300 414 252

Why is there different versions of the same Certificate III course ?

MCI offer multiple versions of the same course, they include:

  • Part-Time Work for the Dole – tailored to students with 15hr AAR requirement 
  • Full-Time Work for the dole – tailored to students with 25hr AAR requirement
  • Disability Employment Services – tailored to students in the DES program
  • Non-Work for the Dole – tailored to students studying without employment service requirements
How do I enrol someone into an MCI course ?

Students can be enrolled at the following site https://enrol.mciachieve.edu.au It is simple to set yourself up as a referrer and get your someone enrolled.