On this FAQs page you will find many helpful tips to help you navigate your learning journey with student portal training videos and how to seek help if you cannot find the answer here.

Studying on your mobile device

How do I add an image, document, video or audio file to my answer on my mobile device?

Another type of question you could face is one where you are required to add a file as evidence of having done something. It could be a document, a photo or image, or even an audio or video file. Follow these steps when you need to add a file to your answer.

  1. Access the question from the Course page.
  2. Read through the question and when you’re ready, scroll down and tap “Add submission”.
  3. Scroll down to the “File submission” section, and tap in the section just above the “Save changes” button. The “Upload a file” window opens.

Graphical user interface, application, Teams

Description automatically generated

  1. Tap on the “Choose File” button. Depending on your mobile device, a number of options appear. 

Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated

  1. Either “Take Photo or Video” (using your mobile device), select from your “Photo Library” or “Browse” to create or find the file.
  2. Enter a descriptive filename (including your name and the question number) under “Save as”.
  3. Tap “Upload this file”. This takes you back to the question.
  4. Tap “Save changes”.
  5. Scroll down and tap “Submit assignment”.
  6. Scroll down, tap the checkbox to confirm your submission, and tap the “Continue” button.
How do I answer and submit a question on my mobile device?

There are a number of different types of questions. See how to answer and submit a written answer question on your mobile device.

I am having difficulty when scrolling around learning items on my iPhone – I can’t see the bottom section that has the links. What can I do about it?

Generally, the digital learning items work very well on Android devices. You can see the menu, and if you scroll down, you can see the link to the next topic. However, with Apple mobile devices (iPhone and iPad), it may be more difficult to see and click on the next topic links at the bottom of the screen.

When you launch one of the digital learning items (micros, activities, resources and short courses) on your iphone, the item is displayed inside an iframe. This generates 2 scrollbars – an inner scrollbar for the content, and an outer scrollbar for the eCampus system (see the image below).

If you scroll down, but you can’t see the link at the bottom, this is likely because the outer scrollbar hasn’t reached the bottom of the interface.

On an iPhone, scrolling in the middle of the screen shows an inner iframe and the inner scrollbar. When the inner scrollbar reaches the bottom, you can get stuck. You need to access the outer scrollbar to be able to reach the bottom. You have to move your fingers right to the edge of the screen to scroll to the outer scrollbar.

If you are still having trouble, follow the instructions in the following video for a way you can swipe up on the screen to activate the outer scrollbar.

How do I navigate around learning material?

There are many different types of learning items, including micros, resources, activities and short courses. They have been designed as digital items and to provide you with the theory around the different lesson topics.

Watch the video to see how to access and review these types of items, including some useful tips that will make things easier for you as you complete the qualification on a mobile device.

How do I log in using the Google Chrome app?
  1. Tap on the Google Chrome icon.
  2. Type in the username and password under “Already have an account?” You received your login details via email.
  3. Tap Done.
What browser should I use when completing the course on my mobile device?

It is best to download and use the FREE Google Chrome app.

Can I complete my course on my mobile device (smartphone or tablet)?

Yes, you can. For most of the course, you can complete the course on your mobile phone or tablet. The only part of the program that doesn’t work on mobile device are the games at the end of the lessons. 

Unless you have unlimited data, please be sure you are using Wifi when accessing and completing your online course.