On this FAQs page you will find many helpful tips to help you navigate your learning journey with student portal training videos and how to seek help if you cannot find the answer here.

Requesting help

Where can I get help if I am struggling to answer assessment questions?

If you’re struggling, it is a good idea to visit the items under “Learning Material” for the lesson you are completing. You may have missed the important content that you’ll need to help answer the question.

If you continue to have difficulty, log a ticket and a mentor will contact you via email or phone to help you with the question. To log a ticket, go to your Dashboard, and complete all the fields under “REQUEST HELP” to the right of the screen.

How can I request help while I’m logged into my course?

When you’re logged in, go to your Dashboard. 

On the right-hand side of the Dashboard, you’ll notice the section titled “REQUEST HELP”. This notifies your mentor that you need help. You must type in a subject heading and describe the help you need. Please do not leave these fields empty. When you’ve completed the form, just select “SUBMIT” and someone will get back to you.